A world of two sides, lost knowledge, and powerful families…

The world of Uradess consists of two separate realms, different from one another, never touching, yet aware of one another.

Channeling has degraded over time, having been forcefully repressed for the past several centuries. After a terrifying age of being ruled by powerful “mages” and overzealous theocracies, the mundane masses rose up against their rulers and destroyed their work to prevent such an age from happening again.

Now the power of channeling is coveted. Mages in powerful positions seek greater and greater arcane knowledge to assist their liege lords, while aspiring mages continue to deal with prejudice and restrictions placed on them by a wary and suspicious society.

Meanwhile, the churches dwindle in power as devotion to the gods grows passive and the ancient texts detailing powerful rituals and histories have been lost.

The kings and queens of the Tastis realm and the corporate entities of the Mundus realm hold the power of their respective sides of the world, waging private wars amongst themselves while eyeing the other realms warily…