Uradess Update 2.3

Sparking the Wrath

Last session the party continued through the forest for a few days until they reached one of the gargantuan trees that seem to loom over the rest of the trees in the forest. Xian the monk climbed up to see if he could spot the Tireless Mageking’s tower, but could not see anything but more trees for miles around.

As he descended, an arrow struck the tree near Ares’s head and a band of warriors charged them from the forest without warning.

They seemed to be led by a somewhat short and stout ogre with an almost over-sized Falchion. To other ogres he must be comically short for a full-grown man, but his keen eyes and commanding presence (not to mention the ease with which he wielded that huge sword) might make wiser ogres think twice about taunting him.

He commanded two other ogres: one a calm, solid type of ogre, the other one a hulking brute, head and shoulders above everyone else, with a face that never lost its dumbfounded stare. There was also a brutish bobbo, a weaselly man with a bow, and a quick little gobbo that flitted back and forth, taking pot-shots with its crossbow during the battle.

The battle started grimly, as the two fighters were quickly outmatched by the sheer strength of these warriors. However, some quick thinking by the Val the cleric and Chet the bard disabled, stunned, and confused the warriors. The aprty was able to recover and turn the tables within seconds, and the warriors’ leader called for a retreat. They all broke and ran in different directions except for the hulking ogre.

Knocked to the ground, exhausted and bloody, the ogre gave in. Ares swung at the ogre again anyway, quite pissed off at the whole situation—they attack without warning, nearly kill us, and we don’t even get to kill one back!?

Xian knocked the ogre out before he could take back his weapon and exact his revenge on Ares for the dishonorable blow which, oddly, was not quite enough to finish the ogre off. Chet pulled him to the side and woke the ogre at sword-point once Ares was convinced that a living thing can provide information that the dead can not (and they got the ogre’s equipment already, anyway).

The ogre woke and told the party of a camp of people not far from there, less than a day away. The Müntanamos (as the warrior group was called) were planning to raid the place soon when they came across the party. The ogre, named Cosbo, told Chet this information in exchange for sparing his life. He would accept no further aid in order to avoid incurring further debt.

The party moved on, leaving Cosbo alone next to the giant tree.

Several hours later Xian climbed a tree and spotted a clearing up ahead. They approached and found a cave entrance set into the side of a small hill. The hill was surrounded by a stone fence which contained two rather large zombies, eyes shining in the gloom of the coming sunset. The zombies noticed the party and approached, but seemed unable to scale the chest-high fence. Before the party could start picking them off, a person in a black cloak emerged from the cave.

The person “deactivated” the zombies and invited the party inside to speak with his master. The party learned that the cave was inhabited by Master Rigozo, an ancient necromancer that came to this “uninhabited” island to practice his craft and experiment, and his three apprentices: Bosly, Shinjo, and Paul. Rigozo had lived on the island for 60 years, experimenting and leaving for supplies every few months (occasionally finding an apprentice or two), but he had never seen anything resembling a tower on this island. He also didn’t realize there was a town on this island, however, since he didn’t make it a point to thoroughly explore the island. The island is filled with 60 years of old “experiments”, which adds to their solitude.

He does recall something like ruins somewhere further southwest, though. That may be a good place to start. Paul may know more, but he’s been out hunting for a few days and Rigozo doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

Chet informed Rigozo that other people are in the forest as well and that they were attacked earlier that day. Rigozo promised to keep his eyes open.

In return for the friendly chat and understanding, Rigozo offers the party a place to stay for the night as well as a few candles to ward the zombies of the forest away at night once they continue their journey.

Meanwhile, that same night, the leader of the Müntanamos, Oros Ut Rez’Et, made notes in the spaces of his ledger:

Found another group today. They beat us too. Or, rather, their foul magicks beat us. We had the upper-hand, but it’s difficult to fight what you don’t understand. When I was suddenly surrounded by the sights and sounds of war, and when my head rang hard from some sort of explosion, I knew it was time to retreat.

Next time I see them we’ll have a plan. I’ll tell Dingo to keep an eye out. in case we face that group again.

I could kill Silus for firing that shot that warned them of our approach, though. It might have all been different if he hadn’t caught their attention. I’ll have to discipline him later.

Or maybe I should let Cosbo do it. We found him, beaten and bloody and practically bare-assed leaning up against that tree. Luckily I don’t trust Cosbo with much money.

But Cosbo isn’t much one for revenge, usually, and I can’t expect him to do my job.

I n any case, I’ll have to make a note to destroy those two groups some day, especially if they ever get in our way again. Hopefully they’ll meet and end each other here in this damnable forest, but I won’t count on it.

In any case, the Müntanamos is finished with Onin Habith Island. May Raphonse choke on his damnable rod.

Gandy, Mamby, Silus, Cosbo, Dingo, and myself are all accounted for. No casualties, so at least it’s not a total failure. Oros the Mountain Logged: Watersday of Waning St. Allie, 1237 TwA



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