Uradess Update 2.5

Attempting to Slay the Sword with a Dragon (But Failing)

As Xian and Valias were sneaking down the secret passageway and finding a dragon, Chet, Val, and Ares lounged in the old wizard’s office. Some of them heard footsteps coming from the regular entrance and turned to see a lithe man with a long, pointed goatee coming through the doorway.

Ares immediately began to question his intentions, and soon he revealed that he was a member of that group led by Colin, the dwarf. His name was Salsa and he didn’t realize there was anyone in here.

Then Valias and Xian returned with news of the dragon. Several people sounded worried, and Salsa didn’t believe a word of it. Figuring that they were just exaggerating (and convinced that the rod they were looking for was beyond that passageway), Salsa marched past them and into the passageway.

The party listened intently for many minutes and suddenly Salsa appeared in the doorway.

“There’s a dragon in there!”

The party got itself ready and marched in, with Salsa close behind for some reason. When they arrived in the large chamber of the dragon it was well aware of their presence. Only Xian escaped from the doorway before the obsidian dragon took to the air and spewed liquid flames down the thin hallway.

Ares coaxed the dragon to the ground again and was rewarded with the full attention of the dragon’s dangerous mouth. Several other members of the party maneuvered themselves around the dragon, finding weak points as Ares kept the attention of the head and Xian kept the attention of the tail.

Eventually, once several of the dragon’s spleens were punctured by Valias, the dragon took to the air again, slamming clumsily into the cavernous wall, causing a slight cave-in. The dragon then turned and let loose one final stream of fire before Chet’s magical projectiles brought the beast down for good.

Meanwhile, Salsa was trying to sneak past the party into the next passageway, but was quickly caught by Valias and Xian. His hopes of being the first to grab the rod thwarted, Salsa decided to leave with a few of the dragon’s teeth and a platinum coin for his troubles. In return, he wouldn’t go fetch his party to come and take the rod from them.

Valias led the way down the last passageway and encountered a thick, locked, metal door. Ares immediately rammed the door with all his might. The door shifted slightly and Ares felt quite dazed.

The merry singing of a difficult drinking song still came from the other side of that door. Valias picked the lock and the door fell open (its hinges dislodged from Ares’s assault).

The voice stopped at once. Light streamed into the dark room, revealing a large, stone table covered with various treasures: 3 amulets, 2 rings, a pair of cloaks, a set of gauntlets, a set of bracers, a morning star, a greatsword, a bastard sword, a rapier, a short sword, a quarterstaff, a rock, a rod, and a chest of coins. Everything was magical except for the coins (which all seemed to be gold and silver).

Seeing nobody hiding in the room, Chet said, “Was one fo the swords talking!?”

A voice responded, “What!? How did you know!?”

Eventually they narrowed the voice down to the short sword, which was rather plain-looking except for the subtle ripples that moved along the blade, especially when it spoke or struck something.

Valias took the short sword, and the sword was pleased enough with this new owner enough to reveal that he was, in fact, a +3 short sword. He also claimed to have no idea what the other stuff was. He’d been stuck in this vault for maybe a thousand years or so, and didn’t exactly get familiar with the old wizard’s toys that much. “I mean, seriously,” the sword said, “I was owned by a wizard. How many wizards do you see swinging around swords?”

Ares remained unconvinced.

Chet decided to take the weapons out to test them out on the dragon’s corpse. All they managed to learn was that the morning star froze the beast and the rapier caused an electric discharge. The gauntlets gave its owner greater strength, too. Chet tried to activate the rod and eventually managed to conjure a table full of food. The party ate heartily and felt full (but nothing else).

Ares decided to try and drag some more information out of the sword while he had the chance. He held it and growled at it and began to bang it against the wall until the sword told him, quite forcefully, to put him down. Ares did (he had no choice), but he then proceeded to try to torture the sword in other ways. Eventually Chet took the sword and tried to shove it up the dead dragon’s arse (or what he figured to be its arse). Again, the sword demanded to be put down. Chet did, and he suddenly wasn’t as interested in owning the thing anymore.

The sword, quite offended, decided it didn’t want to talk to those people anymore.

In any case, the party now possess the rod they had been looking for on behalf of that rich-looking ogre. Now they just need to get back.



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