Captain Damcyan

A worthy sea man, but with terrible luck lately.


Not much is yet known about this seafaring dwarf except that he has excellent knowledge of the sea and running a ship.

Originally met by the party at the beginning of Chapter 1 when his ship, sailing up the coast of Chrollia, was attacked by pirates.

In Chapter 2 the party meets him again and uses his ship to escape New Country. On the way back to Lorain, however, an extremely violent storm sinks his new ship. He makes it to shore with the party and mopes all the way to Port Clarity.

When the party goes looking for a ship to hire on their quest for the Rod of Need, they find out that Captain Damcyan had bought a new vessel and was willing to help them out.

On the way back from Oninhabith Island his ship was again attacked by pirates, but this time the party fought back and Captain Damcyan upgraded to the pirates’ bigger, fancier, armed vessel.

Captain Damcyan

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