King Hozm

King of the Dusksands


A large, imposing man. Rough, handsome features show both his noble and desert heritages.

Dresses in ornate black armor similar to the armor of his desert knights.


King Hozm (referred to as Hozm est Schezm by non-desert Chrollians) is the king of [[the Dusksands]]. He is apparently an ambitious king despite the fact that only half of the desert peoples recognize his leadership.

Like all desert people, he is a hard man and tough. He’s also very intelligent, managing to concoct schemes to expand the desert’s power and territory while still maintaining relative stability in his domain.

He was raised as a desert knight, so he entrusts much of the region’s stability to their hands.

The party first met King Hozm when they stumbled across his castle while wandering aimlessly through the desert. He offered to help them leave the desert if they would care to deliver a letter to the royalty of Lorain. He assigned a guide to them, Rolfa Barrens,to show them out of the Dusksands.

The letter was an ultimatum: for Lady Elessa of Lorain to accept his hand in marriage or for Lorain to give up some of its land. Otherwise, he would go to war.

Lady Elessa, who knew King Hozm well, suspected that marrying him would almost certainly be the death of her brother, for if Hozm had a child by Elessa and King Sethric of Lorain was killed, then Hozm’s heir would also inherit Lorain.

King Hozm had obviously anticipated the situation to lead to war since the party met up with the [[hobgoblin mercenaries]] Hozm had hired shortly after delivering the letter. The mercenaries were heading through Lorain to the Dusksands.

The war had begun by the time the party returned to Lorain.

During the confusion, King Hozm and several of him hen managed to sneak into the country disguised as a group of monks. He managed to reach [[Castle Lorain]] and take King Sethric hostage.

The party returned to Castle Lorain in time to negotiate with the two kings. In the end, King Hozm agreed to end the war in return for a trade agreement between Lorain and the Dusksands, which is considerably more than any previous king of the Dusksands had managed to get from the kings of Chrollia.

King Hozm

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