Desi d'Mundii I
Just a Thought

I’ve been kind of writing this story when I’m not working on my regular DM duties in order to get a feel for elves. I don’t do much with elves, and Uradess so far has see very few because they don’t come from that side of the world. Hopefully this story, which follows the adventures of as elf called Desi (full name: Han’Decivieri) will end with me being comfortable enough with elves to give them a greater role in future campaigns.

Incidentally, I’ll be keeping track of characters and terms from this story in the wiki. They will be marked as Desi characters in their bios.

The gales over the oceans made flying there impossible, so Desi suggested the most obvious alternative.

Most of the people in the room laughed, except for BM Musi. Musi sputtered and choked on his outrage that Desi had opened his mouth at all. Desi knew he’d pay for it later, but that was nothing new. Musi had been Desi’s superior for over five years now, and he always seemed to be angry about something. Life’s too short to be angry, as far as Desi was concerned. Musi was almost twice Desi’s age, but Desi suspected that his 122 years had been better spent than Musi’s 215.

Desi wouldn’t even have been in this meeting if he wasn’t spending the month as Musi’s personal aide due to that wine shipment incident last week. Nobody would have missed a case or two, and who expected a bear to show up? Musi had a knack for overreacting.

It was strange, though. After a while the laughter started dying down and a few of the strategists looked contemplative. Were they really taking Desi’s suggestion seriously? That was almost more embarrassing than being laughed at.

“I’m sorry, esteemed sirs,” said Musi. “I’ll remove this rude leafer from the room immediately so that you may continue your strategy meeting in earnest.”

Leafer!? I’m going to be demoted back to Leaf for this!? thought Desi. I just made Stem last month! Am I going to serve my entire career as a grunt?

But one of the elder strategists shook his head. “There is no need, branch manager. Young Han’Decivieri might actually be onto something.”

Several of the slower officers stared at the elder strategist incredulously, including Musi. What was he thinking? The idea was preposterous.

The elder chuckled and opened his hands in an inviting gesture, encompassing everyone around the table. “He’s right, it’s the only logical solution. It won’t be easy, but it may be possible, and is definitely inconceivable to our enemies. Branch Manager Quan’Mucianari.” Musi stiffened and saluted at being addressed. “You are to commend Stem Officer Han’Desivieri for his idea. He deserves full credit for this concept.” Musi nodded and said no more. He almost looked happy.

Well of course he is, thought Desi. He’s the one who brought me here, so the commendation is his as well. What an opportunist.

Wait, does that mean I have to be his aide all the time now? Dammit, I should learn to keep my mouth shut.

The meeting went on and the strategists hammered out the details of the new strategy. The Han Plan, they were calling it. The family will be proud I’m sure, thought Desi. But Desi didn’t say anything else during the meeting. Nobody expected him to, and he wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

When they were finally dismissed, everyone set immediately to work. Maps were going to be drawn up, land chosen to be the start of the tunnels. They were probably going to contract some gnomish engineers to develop some sort of digging machine. (Desi couldn’t help but imagine some sort of tank with mole arms, digging away at the ground.) The scientists were going to analyze seismic events and underground oil well locations and pressure and air concerns and where to go to avoid flooding everything out.

Because the gales above the ocean threw their planes and air fortresses around like rag dolls, eventually crashing them into the vast ocean. Because ships were too slow and all of out best war machines were land-based. Because the gods decided to but an ocean between us and our enemies, we were going to dig under it.

It should only take 20 or 30 years. Desi might even make Branch Manager himself by that time.

Chapter 2: Fanaticism and Devotion
New Chapter, new faces, new places

Some of the saviors of Lorain as well as a monk and a cleric of the Goddess found themselves working happily in the fields and the army of a strange country. They were awoken and gathered, wondering what they had been doing there, knowing only that nearly a year had passed since Lorain and the Dusksands came to a truce.

They soon discovered that they were in a hostile country (called the New Country) filled with dedicated workers following a man known as Our Father. The country seemed very efficient, but very poor, and very uniformed. One of the party had been working as a spy among the people before he regained his senses. Another was a policeman, one was a soldier, and several others were field workers. They wore clothes to fit their stations.

They chose to find this “Our Father” and get their old possessions back, possibly finding out what happened to them in the process. The reached Home, the capital of the New Country (which, incidentally, is a couple of hundred years old, and apparently has always been run by Our Father). The party was invited in by name and spoke with Our Father, whose real name is Alfatirsaelbagir (all fah teer sale bah geer). Apparently the party had been hired by the Free Knights to speak with Alfatir about his treatment of the subjects. Alfatir proceeded to brainwash most of the party and give them positions in his perfect little country.

After filling the gaps in the party’s memories, Alfatir decided to brainwash everyone again, leaving his guards to subdue the paty as he retired to his chambers. The party, with little armor and unfamiliar weapons, managed to overcome the fully armed and armored guards. They sought a way to chase down Alfatir, and eventually found a secret passage leading further into the palace.

They discovered a dungeon where an old acquaintance was being held. They released him and continued on, finding the country’s treasury, filled with the country’s wealth and magical artifacts, including the party’s own stolen equipment. Instead of chasing down Alfatir further, the party snuck out of the country with everything worth stealing from the country’s treasury.

The ports were heavily guarded, but the party found a familiar face captaining one of the ships: Captain Damcyan, the dwarven captain of the ship that sank off the coast of Chrollia a year ago! One of the party members and his new cohort decided against riding on that particular dwarf’s ship (since the last one sunk), so he received a share of the loot and stayed in New Country, looking for another way off the island.

Meanwhile the rest of the party set sail for Lorain. Unfortunately, a violent storm sunk the ship along the way, and the party again found themselves stranded on an unfamiliar shore. However, the ogres that found them were friendly and gave them a lift ot the nearest town, Port Clarity in the Ogre nation of Claroth on the continent of Frostbowl.

The party spent the next few days spending their new fortune and fighting in the arena for money…

Chapter 1: Welcome to Uradess!
An introduction to the realm of Tastis

At the time of this writing, the campaign is in Chapter 2. I will summarize the events of Chapter 1 here for my records. Most of this and the next few updates are directly from my Myspace blog.

A ship off the coast of the continent of Chrollia was attacked by pirates. The passengers abandoned ship before getting captured, but the survivors of the ship (which sank, incidentally) were captured by the natives once they arrived on the sandy shores of the Dusksands. The survivors were used as gladiators until they had an opportunity to escape, when a vicious warrior attacked the camp, slaughtering their captors. The group found horses and rode east, finding a castle in the desert. The king of the castle, King Hozm, sheltered them and gave them a guide out of the desert in exchange for delivering a letter for him to a nearby country. The party rode north and east past the mountains into the country of Lorain, a lush, green country. On the way they saw a dragon attack their pursuers and saved a town from both brigands and zombies in a single night. They delivered the letter to Lady Elessa, sister to the king of Lorain. She then hired the party to find a treasure for her, a tome hidden in the mountains. The party accepted, considering the reward, so off they went, traveling west. They noticed a hobgoblin platoon heading for the Dusksands, since the Dusksands and Lorain were apparently heading for war, thus the need for the spells they might learn from the powerful tome the party sought. The party found the ruins containing the tome, explored it, and returned with the tome, only to find that the war had already begun. The party headed for the front lines, meeting a group of monks on the way. They found Lady Elessa fighting in the town they had saved earlier, delivered the tome, won a few battles, and learned that the vicious warrior that attacked the camp in the desert (a mass murderer known only as the Slayer) was heading for Castle Lorain. The party and the Lady headed back to find the port in flames and the king being held hostage by the king of the Dusksands himself. The party convinced the desert king and the king of Lorain to come to an agreement to trade and come to peaceful terms, despite their enmity. The party then went to the port to confront the Slayer. They managed to lure him onto a ship with their knight as bait, cut the ship free, and light it on fire from a distance, letting it burn and sink into the lake. A tournament was then planned to celebrate the end of the fighting and, for some of the party members, that’s where their memories stopped.


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