We wage a different sort of war: backstabbing, scheming, alliances, it’s all there.


Many noblemen seek to avoid war. Or, at least they seek to avoid fighting in a war personally. They learn some basic dueling maneuvers, certainly, but otherwise focus on enjoying their wealth: mercantilism, dancing and parties, politics, etc. Few of the elite are, in the end, as skilled as adventurers.

They are a powerful force, however. Their connections and resources often run deep and wide. After all, why fight yourself when you can conscript an army to fight for you?

Most noblemen are aristocrats to some degree, any many folks who wish to be accepted by the nobility train themselves and their families to be aristocrats.

Game Rule Information

As in the Dungeon Master’s Guide “Aristocrat” entry. No change.

Base Classes
Barbarian Bard Cleric Druid Fighter Knight Monk Mystic Paladin Ranger Rogue Sorcerer Swashbuckler Wizard
Prestige Classes
Arcane Archer Archmage Assassin Blackguard Dervish Drunken Master Duelist Dwarven Defender
Forgotten Knight Free Knight Invisible Blade Justiciar Knight Captain Lyric Thaumaturge Master Specialist
Master Thrower Palemaster Thief Acrobat Warchanter
NPC Classes
Adept Aristocrat Commoner Expert Warrior


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