Classes of Uradess

Most of the classes are unchanged from their original versions, either in the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, or supplemental books. All changes are noted in their descriptions.

Base Classes

  • Barbarian: an uncivilized warrior whose strength derives from his emotions.
  • Bard: a performer whose abilities surpass mere minstrels, inspiring others.
  • Cleric: a devoted follower of a deity, granting him the power to perform miracles.
  • Druid: a protector and master of nature.
  • Fighter: a warrior trained in many forms of combat.
  • Knight: an armored warrior bound by honor and the duty of protecting others.
  • Monk: a warrior whose strength comes from within instead of relying on weapons.
  • Mystic: a curious seeker of lost knowledge.
  • Paladin: a dedicated warrior committed to the benign will of the gods.
  • Ranger: a skilled hunter with a particular affinity for nature.
  • Rogue: a versatile specialist, with many skills and an eye for opportunity.
  • Sorcerer: a spellcaster whose power comes from instinct.
  • Swashbuckler: an agile, intelligent warrior skilled in light combat.
  • Wizard: a dedicated spellcaster whose power comes from study and experimentation.

Prestige Classes

  • Arcane Archer: an archer that uses elven techniques to enhance his projectiles.
  • Archmage: a powerful spellcasters whose study has revealed powerful secrets…
  • Assassin: a ruthless killer who can end a life in one stroke.
  • Blackguard: a corrupt warrior driven by evil.
  • Dervish: a skilled warrior whose fighting is beautiful to behold, and quite deadly.
  • Drunken Master: a fighter that gains strength from the drink.
  • Duelist: a fighter that specializes in one-on-one combat.
  • Dwarven Defender: the immovable bastions of the dwarven elite.
  • Forgotten Knight: warriors dedicated to the ideals of an ancient knight.
  • Free Knight: a warrior concerned with the welfare of the common folk.
  • Invisible Blade: a master of the dagger.
  • Justiciar: a warrior particularly skilled at subduing and capturing an enemy.
  • Knight Captain: a warrior skilled and leading and inspiring others.
  • Lyric Thaumaturge: a musical spellcaster dedicated to arcane prowess.
  • Master Specialist: a spellcaster who learns the secrets of his preferred school of magic.
  • Master Thrower: a deceptive warrior whose specialty leaves him unarmed…
  • Palemaster: a spellcaster wholly dedicated to the study of necromancy.
  • Thief Acrobat: a skilled thief capable of impressive acrobatics to get out of trouble.
  • Warchanter: a musician whose songs can easily change the tide of battle.

NPC Classes

  • Adept: an untrained spellcaster capable of rudimentary magic.
  • Aristocrat: a noble trained in skills deemed most useful to a noble.
  • Commoner: a peasant with no interests beyond his day-to-day labor.
  • Expert: a highly-skilled individual with no ambition for adventure.
  • Warrior: a capable warrior, yet lacking the training to make him stand out.

Classes of Uradess

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