Drunken Master

Why have fun if you can’t fight while doing it? Oh, wait…


The legend of the Drunken Master is a story which is often told and enjoyed, but rarely taken seriously. Those that get curious and try to see if drinking helps them to fight better often end up with several black eyes and bruises, waking up the next day wondering why it ever sounded like a good idea.

the secrets of learning to be a drunken master are not really closely guarded; it’s simply a difficult discipline to master. The skills are passed down from master to student, often with only a night or two of training. A drunken master will often train a hundred students or so in his lifetime and end up with only two or three fellow masters for his efforts. In face, training wouldn’t even be worth doing if it weren’t so very fun.

Drunken masters are generally travelers, roaming from town to town and bar to bar doing as they please. Most monasteries frown upon drunken martial arts and will not quarter a known Inebriate.

Game Rule Information

As the Complete Warrior “Drunken Master” entry. No change.

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Drunken Master

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