These are the pre-approved feats available for PCs and NPCs in Uradess. they include all of the feats from the Player’s Handbook as well as several from supplemental books, as noted. Each feat includes a short description here. Contact me for a full description if you’re interested but you don’t have the source book.

The feats are listed in the following format:

  • Name (Prerequisites) Description. Book (if not Player’s Handbook)

General Feats

  • Acrobatic (None) +2 bonus on Jump and Tumble checks.
  • Agile (None) +2 bonus on Balance and Escape Artist checks.
  • Alacritous Cogitation (Prepares arcane spells) Spontaneously fill open slot with a known spell. Complete Mage.
  • Alertness (None) +2 on Spot and Listen checks.
  • Animal Affinity (None) + on Handle Animal and Ride checks.
  • Arcane Strike (Ability to channel 3rd-tier arcane spells, base attack bonus +4) Sacrifice a spell for +1 on attack roll and +1d4 damage per spell tier. Complete Warrior.
  • Armor Proficiency (light) (None) No armor check penalty on attack rolls.
    • Armor Proficiency (medium) (Armor Proficiency (light)) No armor check penalty on attack rolls.
      • Armor Proficiency (heavy) (Armor Proficiency (medium) No armor check penalty on attack rolls.
  • Armor Specialization (Proficiency with selected armor, base attack bonus +12) DR 2/- with chosen armor. Player’s Handbook 2.
  • Athletic (None) +2 bonus on Climb and Swim checks.
  • Augment Healing (Heal 4 ranks) Healing spells recover +2 hit points per spell level. Complete Divine.
  • Augment Summoning (Spell Focus (Conjuration)) Summoned creatures gain +4 Str and +4 Con.
  • Blind-Fight (None) Reroll miss chance for concealment.
  • Brutal Throw (None) Use Str rather than Dex on attack rolls with thrown weapons. Complete Adventurer.
  • Power Throw (Brutal Throw, Power Attack) Power Attack with thrown weapons. _Complete Adventurer.)
  • Chant of Fortitude (Bardic music, Concentration 8 ranks, Perform 8 ranks) Bardic music keeps allies conscious at negative hit points. Complete Adventurer.
  • Close-Quarters Fighting (Base attack bonus +3) Use counterattack to resist grapple. Complete Warrior.
  • Combat Casting (None) +4 bonus on concentration checks for defensive channeling.
  • Combat Expertise (Int 13) Trade attack bonus for AC (max 5 points).
    • Improved Combat Expertise (Combat Expertise, base attack bonus +6) Sacrifice attack bonus to improve your AC. _Complete Warrior.)
    • Improved Disarm (Combat Expertise) +4 on disarm attempts; no attack of opportunity.
    • Improved Feint (Combat Expertise) Feint in combat as a move action.
    • Improved Trip (Combat Expertise) +4 on trip attempts; no attack of opportunity.
      • Defensive Throw (Improved Trip, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike) Trip attempt after foe’s attack misses. Complete Warrior.
    • Melee Evasion (Combat Expertise, Dodge) While fighting defensively, negate a foe’s attack. Player’s Handbook 2.
    • Whirlwind Attack (Combat Expertise, Spring Attack, base attack bonus +4) One melee attack against each opponent within reach.
  • Combat Familiar (Capable of possessing a familiar) Familiar enters foe’s squares without provoking attacks of opportunity. Player’s Handbook 2.
    • Lurking Familiar (Combat Familiar, 6th-level channeler) Familiar can hide in your square. Player’s Handbook 2.
  • Combat Reflexes (None) Gain additional attacks of opportunity.
    • Hindering Opportunist (Combat Reflexes, base attack bonus +3) Replace an attack of opportunity with Aid Another. Player’s Handbook 2.
      • Stalwart Defense (Hindering Opportunist, base attack bonus +9) Foes provoke an Aid Another action frm you when they attack allies. Player’s Handbook 2.
    • Hold the Line (Combat Reflexes, base attack bonus +2) Make attacks of opportunity against a charging foe. _Complete Warrior.)
    • Vexing Flanker (Combat Reflexes) +4 on attacks when flanking. Player’s Handbook 2.
      • Adaptable Flanker (Vexing Flanker, base attack bonus +4) Flank chosen foe from adjacent square. Player’s Handbook 2.
  • Crossbow Sniper (Weapon Focus (crossbow), base attack bonus +1) Adds half Dex bonus to damage with a crossbow and extends Skirmish and Sneak Attack range to 60ft. Player’s Handbook 2.
  • Dash (None) Speed +5ft in light or no armor. Complete Warrior.
  • Deceitful (None) +2 bonus on Disguise and Forgery checks.
  • Deft Hands (None) +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand and Use Rope checks.
  • Diligent (None) +2 bonus on Appraise and Decipher Script checks.
  • Disguise Spell (Bardic music, Perform 9 ranks) Cast spells unobtrusively as part of a performance. Complete Adventurer.
  • Dive for Cover (Base Reflex Save +4) One retry on a failed Reflex save, but end up prone. Complete Adventurer.
  • Dodge (Dex 13) +1 dodge bonus to AC against selected target.
    • Mobility (Dodge) +4 dodge bonus to AC against some attacks of opportunity.
      • Spring Attack (Mobility, base attack bonus +4) Move before and after a melee attack.
        • Bounding Assault (Spring Attack, base attack bonus +12) Attack twice while using Spring Attack. Player’s Handbook 2.
          • Rapid Blitz (Bounding Assault, base attack bonus +18) Make a third attack during a Spring Attack. Player’s Handbook 2.

Item Creation Feats

Metamagic Feats

Divine Feats


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