Paladin Spell List

Paladins draw spells from this list as described in the class’s entry in the Player’s Handbook.

Full descriptions of each spell can be found in the Player’s Handbook unless otherwise noted.

Ancient paladin journals scattered throughout the world may contain the knowledge of spells beyond those listed here.

1st Tier

  • Bless
  • Bless water
  • Bless weapon
  • Cure light wounds
  • Detect poison
  • Detect undead
  • Protection from chaos/evil
  • Resistance
  • Restoration, lesser
  • Virtue

2nd Tier

  • Delay poison
  • Remove paralysis
  • Resist energy
  • Shield other
  • Undetectable alignment
  • Zone of truth

3rd Tier

  • Cure moderate wounds
  • Daylight
  • Discern lies
  • Heal mount
  • Healing spirit
    • Described in the Player’s Handbook 2.
  • Magic circle against evil/chaos
  • Magic weapon, greater
  • Prayer
  • Remove blindness/deafness
  • Remove curse

4th Tier

  • Break enchantment
  • Cure serious wounds
  • Death ward
  • Dispel evil/chaos
  • Meteoric strike
    • Described in the Player’s Handbook 2.
  • Neutralize poison
  • Restoration

A printed version of the Paladin Spell List is available upon request.

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Paladin Spell List

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