Spell Lists

Spell lists represent the common known spells taught to each class as they are trained. The spell lists of Uradess have been reduced to reflect the setting’s environment.

During the Purge of the Magekings, resistors systematically eliminated all the magical tomes they could find. Much was lost as the towers and palaces of the Magekings were razed, but the purge did not stop with arcane knowledge: churches were searched as well, as the religions were poised to rise up and take the place of the Magekings once they fell. The ancient and powerful rituals of the high clerics were burned as the great temples were razed.

Even the Dui was infiltrated, though they stood neutral in the war except where nature was threatened.

At the end of the purge, the surviving mages submitted to the rule of their mundane conquerors. They began to regulate the spells taught to their apprentices, and after a few centuries the old rituals were lost even to memory.

Assassin Spell List

Bard Spell List

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Spell Lists

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